Media Buying Experts

Incubates new digital start ups through proprietary media buying strategies and in-house creative development. We also drive leads, sales and new customers for blue-chip clients and media agencies.


We have a sole, core focus on Digital Customer Acquisition and Customer Monetisation. We work hard with our VC partners and clients to ensure Gross Profit goals are met and base our objectives and renumeration on these targets.

Our team has strong expertise in

  • Growth Hacking and Scaling blue chip clients, million dollar start-ups + dropshipping companies across Asia-Pac, EMEA and LATAM.
  • Hiring and Firing Digital, traditional ATL, Front-end and telemarketing teams both in-house and remote.
  • Building Facebook Media Buying teams that are ROAS positive and spending in excess of $250,000 daily.
  • Building PPC, Programmatic Display and Google Adwords teams that are ROAS positive and spending in excess of $3,000,000 monthly.
  • Streamlining Telemarketing teams (both in house and abroad), script writing, in bound + outbound lead management + BPO set ups.
  • Developing Annual Marketing Strategies for C suite and Boards.
  • Full Lifecycle Customer Journey Mapping + Tech Integrations across the digital spectrum.

Our Speciality

Customer Acquisition is our bread and butter. We use our skills in Facebook, Google, Mobile and Snapchat media buying to partner with VC firms and launch new eCommerce startups.

We also media buy for select clients and white label our media buying services to premium media agencies.

What we offer

We ONLY offer Digital Customer Acquisition, List Building and Customer Monetisation. We offer NO other services.

We don’t want to be a jack of all trades, just a king at one. With over a decade’s worth of experience in Digital Marketing we are laser focused on our core competency of driving leads, sales and ROI to our VC and client partners alike.

We’re into hard numbers more than ‘look and feels’. So if you ask us to pitch in for your brand strategy or meet for coffee to discuss thoughts and feelings, expect the answer to be a definitive “no”.

How we work

Start Ups: Equity + retainer models.
Clients: Standard day rate + performance models for lead gen and pay per call clients.

Incubating Digital Startups

Incubating Digital Startups through proprietary; mass scale media buying techniques and in-house creative.

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Driving Leads + Sales for Clients & Agency Partners

Driving qualified traffic, inbound leads and online sales through Facebook ads, Google adwords, Mobile media buys, Snapchat and exclusive Partnerships and Affiliates.

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Our VC Startups

Premium Oil Science

Premium Oil Science, as the name suggests, is a premium provider of health and supplement goods.

With literally 100’s of millions Americans living with chronic pain and anxiety every day, our mission is simple:
To help as many Americans as possible live pain and anxiety free.

We source only the finest organic compounds and are laser focused on two core demographics:

  • Those with generalised anxiety, stress and insomnia.
  • Those with chronic joint and muscle pain.



Joint and Muscle Support

For those suffering joint and muscle pain, rheumatism, arthritis or inflammation follow us at
– Launching nationwide December 2019


Serenity Now Organics

For those with anxiety, work or home stress or sleeping problems, follow us at
– Launching nationwide December 2019

Shape Athletic

“Where Shapewear meets Activewear”.

ShapeAthletic is not your average active wear/ shape wear brand. At ShapeAthletic we’re BIG on body confidence. Young or old, big or small.

We recognise that women come in all shapes and sizes and that all bodies are beautiful. We specialise in creating active apparel for curvy women and those that want a little boost!

Our mission is to create “A community of healthy and happy body confident women of all shapes and sizes.

To join our girl gang and keep abreast of our updates follow us at – Launching nationwide March 2020

Client Results

Asia-Pac Airline

Early Bird Flight Booking Campaign

Total baseline sales uplift: 28%
Increase in average spend per booking, generated per click 70%
Improvement on cost per acquistion per booking,generated per click: 51%
Red Planet social media targeting delivered 19.3x ROI vs other social media targeting delivering 5.5x ROI: 19.3x ROI

Premium Betting Company

Melbourne Cup Races Campaign

New Registrations: 2,976
Loaded: $493,014
Gambled: $708,373

Global OTA

Asia- Pacific Always on Campaign

Media Spend / Month: $200,000
Increase on ad Impressions: 300%
Internal campaigns improved their ROAS: 82%
Additional gross revenue/ month: 30k

Fortune 500 Company

Always on Campaign

Active registrations in 14 days + a 33% decrease in ad spend: 18,000
Consecutive quarters of decreased CPA’s: 3
Increased Facebook followers by: 5% in 5 days
Consecutive quarters of increased ROAS: 3

Television Network

Digital Transformation

Total Digital Sales increased by per month: $1 million
Total Mobile Transactions increased by: 20% YOY
Adwords Revenue increased by per month: Media: $250,000
Email Revenue increased by per month: $85,000

US Womens Fashion Leader

China-US Dropship Launch

Achieved additional Sales per day through New TeleSales Channel: $35,000 USD
Increases via Triggered Email and Facebook Messenger Bot Remarketing + Automation: 32% ROI
Scaled Profitable Facebook Media Buying Spend to: > $200,000/ day
Front end Profit on all Media Buying Spend: Achieved 30%

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